Mid-century legs & new cushion colors, now in stock!

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Mjau... it's Swedish for meow (we think). We make modern, modular cat furniture that doesn't look like cat furniture. Get started building your own custom Mjau Haus today.

What's New at Mjau Home


Solid wood tapered to give your Mjau Haus a retro, mid-century vibe.


Save by combining popular side-by-side configurations into the ultimate cat palace.


Five cushion color options to match your cat's coat and your home's decor.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews for the Mjau Haus

I have two Cat Haus for a total of 4 beds. They are under a bay window and the cats look out if on top, and hide out below. They loved them for sleeping and I love the look. Beautiful.

Valerie M.

The excellent workmanship and tasteful design of mjauhome lifts cat furniture to a new level. Good-bye ugly cat tree, welcome designer kitty home!

Katharina V.

Ozma digs her new Mjau!
It's the perfect feline panopticon for both watching birds and her humans from a lofty, fashionable vantage point. And of course, it's a prime napping spot.

Joel W.

It’s very well made and was easy to put together. Considering adding on to it in the future!

Lori C.

The cube is super stylish and goes really well with our home so I can keep it out in the open where Toby can enjoy it. Highly recommend!

Nick K.

We like the simplicity, quality, and multi-use design of the piece... and are using it as an end table and plant stand, which would not be possible with a lot of cat beds.

Justin P.

The bed is honestly so nicely made and really stylish, it’s furniture that’s made for my cat but I can enjoy as well.


The only person that loves the Kub more than I do is my cat Ash... She loves lounging on the top bunk of our double!

Nathan A.

We landed on the Kub w/ bed for our SF apartment and cat Toro. We're very happy with the quality of product and so is our cat


Expand your existing Mjau Haus

  • Extra Mjau Cushion
    Extra Mjau Cushion
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  • Mjau Bed (no base)
    Mjau Bed (no base)
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  • Mjau Cube (no base)
    Mjau Cube (no base)
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  • Mid-Century Leg Set
    Mid-Century Leg Set
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  • Contemporary Steel Base
    Contemporary Steel Base
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I’ve been looking for something simple and modern like this for years and it’s finally here! Very good quality too! Highly recommended....for both the cats and their human! 😺👏👏😺

Gini M.

...Easy to immediately set up and enjoy. The construction and design is just as great in person. Loved the hand written thank you and Cat Nip from the CEOs What a nice touch!

Jessica M.

Simple & clean design that makes you do a double-take because it doesn't obviously look like cat furniture. It's extremely well made and came well packaged with a bunch of extras.

Jennifer F.

They love it!! Was very very excited to FINALLY find a cat tree that wouldn’t be an eyesore. The quality is amazing, and my girls use it everyday! Very happy with the purchase!

Jacque M.

Cat AND human approved. This is the first piece of cat furniture that is approved by both the cat and the humans in this house. Not only is it beautiful, but judging by how often my cat uses it, it's everything a cat could want.

Cesarina F.

Best cat tree ever. Love the look and the cats love the climb!

Donita J.