Shipping, Returns, & FAQs

Shipping & Returns

Fast, flat-rate shipping in the United States
Each Mjau Haus is made by hand, assembled to order, and shipped using FedEx Ground.

Due to high demand, current delivery time for all orders is 4 to 6 weeks. You will receive periodic updates on the status of your order, and we will send shipping confirmation with a tracking link when your order is on its way.

Flat-rate shipping prices vary on order size and destination.

Canada, Hawaii and Alaska
We now ship select items to Hawaii and Alaska. If you are interested in delivery to Canada, an American Territory, or in having larger pieces delivered to Hawaii or Alaska please get in touch with Let us know your location and which product(s) you are interested in and we can estimate your shipping costs.

International orders
We are currently only accepting orders from the United States and (see above) Canada. Stay tuned for international expansion in the near future.

Returns & our satisfaction guarantee
Try your new Mjau furniture for two weeks, risk-free. If you or your kitty are not completely happy with your order contact us at for information on getting a full refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't addressed below, please email us at and we'll answer as quickly as possible.

Do the Cubes and Beds all come with cushions / pillows?
Yes, every Cube and every Bed comes with a cushion. Additional or replacement cushions can be purchased from the Add-Ons section of the site.

Is assembly required?
Just a little bit. We pre-assemble all of the wooden components for you (e.g. attaching two Cubes together, or attaching a Cube to a Bed). So all you have to do is unpack and attach the metal base with four included screws which typically takes about 5 minutes.



Can I change the orientation of the components?
Yes! We designed the Mjau Haus to be modular, so Beds and Cubes can easily be added, removed, rotated, and reconfigured. We pre-assemble wooden components, but you can easily detach, rearrange, and re-attach any or all Cubes and Beds in a matter of minutes.

Can cats jump into the top Beds / Cubes in the taller configurations?
Some cats can jump directly onto configurations that are 3-4 pieces tall, but if your cat does not have that kind of hops we recommend placing your Mjau Haus near another structure or ledge for access.

Can more than 3 Cubes be stacked?
Yes! It is possible to stack more than 3 Cubes and you can do so using the modular hardware that comes with each Cube.

Practically there are a couple possible factors limiting how tall you build your kitty skyscraper: how high your kitties can jump and overall stability of the tower. We've found that a spry cat can jump from from the ground to the top of a 3 Cube configuration while keeping the entire structure very stable. It may help to position taller structures next to other items like a shelf or windowsill that allow easier access. With anything over 3x cubes we recommend placing near a wall and using furniture anchors to keep it steady and safe. 

Are the fabrics washable?
Yes, cushion covers can be removed and machine-washed. For light spills and stains, try wiping down with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Accumulated fur can be removed with a lint roller or a rubber brush like the "FURemover".

Are the finishes pet-safe?
Yes, all finishes are non-toxic and pet (and human) safe.

Where is Mjau Home made? 
Mjau Haus is made with components are manufactured in the United States and Vietnam, and each Haus is assembled to order at Mjau Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Are all the components identical?
Mjau Hauses are made in small batches, by hand, from birch ply that has a lot of natural character. So while the components have the same dimensions and are made of the same materials, they do have their own slight, unique variations in appearance. 

My Mjau Haus was damaged in shipping, what now?
Our furniture is built to withstand a lifetime of use and packaged securely for shipment. But accidents do happen! If you think a component was damaged in shipping, contact us immediately at with a photo of the issue (if possible). If it cannot be fixed, will send a replacement part to you immediately.

I think I'm missing a piece!
We ship all Mjau Hauses with all the hardware needed for the minimal assembly required (and some extras just in case). However if a piece is missing or lost, let us know at and we will mail out replacements immediately.

I purchased a Cube but would like to now add more components.
The Mjau Haus is modular and standalone Cubes and Beds can be purchased from our Add-Ons collection and quickly added to your existing setup.