Discounts for Non-Profits & Cat Cafes

Hutch Den at KitTea in San Francisco


Save 50% off Hutch Cube

We love cats, and we love partnering with the people, organizations, and businesses that help them thrive and find homes.

If you are a qualifying organization interested in ordering a Mjau Hutch, let us know and we can provide a 50% discount off list prices:

  • Non-profit shelters: 50% off list prices
  • Non-profit animal rescues: 50% off list prices
  • Non-profit cat cafes: 50% off list prices
  • For-profit cat cafes: 40% off list prices

How to order

Please send us an email with a little bit of information about:

  • Your facility name, type and location
  • Desired order quantity
  • Any specific requests re: sizing, colors, cushions etc.

    While we may not be able to accommodate all requests, we are always very interested to hear how Mjau can be improved to better fit different cat spaces.

What we ask in return :-)

  • Lots of photos of the pieces in use! We would love to share pictures and information about your organization on our social media.
  • Feedback about the product. We would love to hear how the cats (and humans) in your space interact with Hutch, what they love about it and what we can improve.
  • Help us spread the word to cat owners. We ship every hutch with a set of 5x5" postcards containing our contact information for anyone interested in purchasing.

Thank you for all that you do.