Mjau's Materials

Baltic birch

We use 3/4" baltic birch plywood for our Bed, Cube and Tower enclosures. Baltic birch has a pleasing light tone, uniform grain, and high durability. We love working with it because of its handsome appearance, strength and stability. Perhaps most importantly, this fast-growing tree, native to the region around the Baltic Sea, is a sustainable source of wood. 

Powder-coated steel

Our steel bases are powder-coated in white with a slight cream hue. Unlike traditional paint, powder-coating is applied electrostatically and results in an even, hard, durable and long-lasting finish. The bases are exceptionally smooth to the touch, with a slight gloss, resulting in a streamlined, modern and elegant finish. We chose this particular shade of white to complement the light, neutral tone of the baltic birch.

Sunbrella fabrics


We chose a cushion and cushion cover that would be both comfortable, durable, visually appealing, and easy to clean and wash. Our cushions are constructed with medium-density, medium-firmness foam, and are covered in a fabric called Sunbrella Heritage Denim, made of 50% recycled materials. The fabric is easy to spot and brush clean and robust enough for machine-washing. 

Felt scratch pad inserts

Our removable and replaceable scratch pads are made of "Stif-Felt", a type of felt that cats find pleasing to scratch and rub against but that also are relatively durable. This type of felt is heat-pressed, resulting in a stif, strong, board-like feel that sits flush against the side of Cubes and Towers.