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Double Cube Tower

Double Cube Tower

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This San Francisco-based company designs and manufactures elegant, minimalist cat furniture that’s perfect for a modern home.


Purraise for Mjau Home

"...she happily lounges on top of her new haus every day. She doesn't use the bottom cubes as much, so that just means I can store some things in there instead! I love how it's very sturdy and doesn't sway or shake." Felisa H. on Jan. 21st, 2021

"Kitten and human both love it! Beautiful and modern cat house. Very high quality. My kitten climbed in right away. Love it! A big thanks for the cat treats too." Shandra B. on Dec. 15th, 2020

"Don't hesitate, your cat with thank you!!! Excellent service and I am delighted with how much my kitty loves her new Mjau haus. It is beautiful and functional. So happy with my purchase." Naomi S. on Dec. 2nd, 2020

What cat pawrents love most

Quietly Stylish

The Mjau Haus blends harmoniously into any design-conscious home. It doesn't scream to be the center of attention so much as it quietly purrs invitingly to your kitty.

Built to Last

Built to last nine lives, and designed to evolve with you, your cat family, and your home. With replaceable scratch and sleep surfaces, the core haus is the last cat bed you'll ever need to buy.


It's the small things. Hand-cut edges soften modern lines and provide an inviting surface for cats to rub their soft cheeks against as they drift off for a catnap. We still can't resist running our fingers along those edges.

Safe & Easy to Clean

Sturdy, stable, safe, and made from all natural materials with cat- and human-safe finishes. Sealed wood repels germs and stains, and easily removable cushions allow for machine washing.


We tested dozens of prototypes to find the ideal "cat space." As soon as your cat steps into their haus they'll immediately understand that this is a safe, cozy place made just for them

Purrs guaranteed

Try your new Mjau furniture for two weeks, risk free. If it doesn't work out, we make returns and refunds super straightforward.

Furquently asked questions

Is assembly required?

Some light assembly is required to connect wooden components and the base. Typical configurations take about 5 to 10 minutes to put together after unboxing.

Are cushions included?

Cushions are included for each wooden component of every order. Durable, comfortable and removable (for washing) cushion with a water-resistant inner lining, surrounding a firm foam core.

How big is it?

The floor footprint of all components is 15 inches by 15 inches.

The interior floor dimensions are approximately 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches.

Base / legs height: 7.5 inches

Cube height: 15 inches

Bed height: 7.5 inches

A 2 Cube + Bed configuration, for example, would be 45 inches tall in total.

All components can be rotated 90 degrees to face any direction.

Will my cat actually use it?

Mjau furniture gives your kitty lots of lounging options without compromising your space and style. We find that a bit of catnip goes a long way to encouraging use, and placement by a sunny window never hurts. We've also published a blog post about getting the most out of any new cat furniture.

Check out our customer gallery for pictures of our Mjau Hauses in action!

I have more questions!

Beautiful, modern cat furniture, with stylish looks, sturdy build, and exceptional, personalized customer service.


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