Encouraging your cat to use their new furniture

Encouraging your cat to use their new furniture

How to make sure they enjoy it more than the box it arrived in

A new piece of cat furniture can be an important purchase for your kitty and have a big impact on your home's decor.

We've spent hours and hours testing our furniture with real cats to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Here are some tips to make sure your investment in your cat, your style, and preserving the arms of your sofa, pays off.


"Every cat is different, some may take to a new piece of furniture right away, others may need more time. Be patient, try these tips and I guarantee your cat will fall in love with their new hangout spot."

How does your cat roll?

You may be familiar with some of these kitty categories: tree cats vs ground cats, explorers vs introverts, climbers vs nesters. They're not always hard-and-fast, but we all know cats do have preferences for where they spend their time (and strong ones at that).

With that in mind, we suggest spending a bit of time considering those preferences at the outset of your cat furniture journey.

Pair furniture with personality. It's a good first step in making it more likely that furniture will end up getting used. A "bush cat" that enjoys nesting cozily all day on the couch might not be that into a skyscraper-height cat tree, no matter how cool it looks.

Find furniture that has balance. Depending on personality and mood, your cat may alternate between preferences for: enclosed spaces, lookout perches, comfortable snoozing spots, unobstructed views, and human-height platforms. If you can find a piece of furniture that gives your cat options, they can gravitate towards their own preferred use.

Shining & MoMo

Location, location, location

Who doesn't love gazing out the window while basking in warm sunlight? In fact, we're doing just that while thinking about this article. But you know who probably really loves it? Your cat. The preference seems universal.

Maximize sun and views. Place new furniture in a sunny spot, ideally next to a window for sunbathing and bird-watching.

Create a human adjacent space. Some cats will want their own space, but not too far from your space. Lots of cat pawrents set up their Cube + Bed combos next to their own workstations or standing desks.

Present an attractive alternative. If you're trying to gently encourage your feline friend off of your brand new couch, placing their furniture nearby as an extension of that furniture can help. They'll be close enough to you that they won't feel like their missing out.


Don't scrimp on the 'nip

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." We recommend appealing to your cat's sense of play and the innate attraction many cats have to catnip, to make sure their first encounter with their new furniture gets off to a good start.

Create an irresistible attraction. Research suggests that about two-thirds of cats react to catnip (that includes big cats like cougars and leopards!). We include a baggie of our favorite catnip stuff to encourage those pawsitive vibes. Rub a little bit on the cushions? Why not! Go to town, make it rain, get wild, ok now we're feline groovy.

Bring playtime to their space. We also include a few toys and treats with every order. We've tested these with many cats, and your cat is bound to like something in the goodie box. Playing with your cat in their new space might encourage them to lower their guard and relax into this change of scenery.

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot


Throw some socks in there

No, really. Kind of. New furniture can take some getting used to. That includes not just the look but the smells and all the feels as well. Research suggests your cat's sense of smell is 14x stronger than yours -- so they are definitely picking up new scents (good and bad) that you might not even notice.

Mix the old with the new. Does your kitty have a favorite blanky or a shag bed that's nearing its final days? Pop it on top of a fresh cushion to make a cozy and familiar cocoon to help transition your kitty to their new space.

And what about those socks? Nothing says I love you to your kitty like a little Eau de Pawrent.


Sit on the top bunk with your laptop until your cat interrupts

Well not really, but you should know that it's sturdy enough for you to do that anyway. If you show interest in their furniture, they will too. That's why we designed furniture for cats and their humans to adore and enjoy.


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